IQ Option Forex vs IQ Option Options Which is More

One of the statistics most commonly thrown about on the Internet regarding the success (or lack of it) of retail Forex traders is that 95% of retail Forex traders lose all or most of the money in their trading accounts in a short period of time. Whilst I do not have enough data from various … Forex psychology part I: Why traders loose? Read More » Editor’s Note – Why IQ Option Doesn’t Suck in 50 Words Finally, after what seems like ages, I find a broker that doesn’t look like a carbon copy of every other broker on the market. The company is trying to do something different starting with the website layout, the education and of course the innovative, highly functional, trading Contents. 1 Trading forex is a waiting game while options get results faster; 2 IQ Option forex has leverage to multiply profits options have a fixed return; 3 Many factors go into how much forex makes while with options it's just the amount invested. 3.1 How far the market moves in any direction matters a lot in forex trading; 3.2 IQ Option forex traders have more control over how much profit People normally lose money because they are not discipline enough to follow through a program or trading plan. For some people, discipline is not a concern however the same cannot be stated for all people. It is necessary to follow the trading plan/trading approach with rigorous discipline unless informed otherwise. The answer lies in the question itself. Some people might not realize this but sometimes traders often get in their way and botch things up. From not managing risk properly to the carelessness of not following a proper trading plan, there are endless ways in which you can lose money in trading forex. The desire for financial independence is the main reason why people become customers of IQ Option. After all, here the profit on a successful transaction from binary options brings 70-80%. Moreover, there are professional Filipino traders who can conclude several transactions per day, increasing the bank by two or three times. Let’s get straight to the points to determine the 5 striking objectives on why traders mostly lose money in day trading. The Fear Brought By The Negative Statistics Indeed, it is very true that only 10% of day traders can get ultimate success. 90% of IQ Option traders who lose money are inconsistent. One of the main reasons you will lose your money is trying out too many trading strategies. Consider this scenario. You've discovered a hot trading strategy online and decide to apply it to your trades. The first few trades are winners. Then you decide to invest more money in your next trade. Here are 10 tips to help aspiring traders avoid losing money and stay in the game in the competitive world of forex trading. Do Your Homework Just because forex is easy to get into doesn’t mean That’s why I am of no surprise that most traders lose their money, even a lot of money. Only 10-20% of the participants are winning (earning money). One of the biggest mistakes of foreign exchange traders make is that they don’t consider it a serious business.

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